2021 Spring Stroke Play Recap


The weekend of March 27-28, we had our first event for the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association, the 2021 Spring Stroke Play. It was a great event to kickstart the season, the event was hosted this past Saturday and Sunday at Picacho Hills Country Club and Sonoma Ranch Golf Course  in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The players persevered through some intense weather conditions on Saturday, with gusts of wind and heavy downpours that contributed to some intense competition we were so happy to see so many masked up familiar faces, and look forward seeing everyone at future events this season!

We would like to give a special thanks to our volunteers this past weekend, without them this event would not have been possible. Thank you Bill, Dan, Rick, Claudia, Axel, Len, Patsy, and Ray.

In regards to the results of the tournament we wanted to highlight our leaderboard, alongside the results we want to recognize River Smalley for scoring a hole in one on the 15th hole at Picacho Hills Country Club!

Head over to our website to check out photos from the event courtesy of Lee Mills with Special Scenes!

2021 Spring Stroke Play Results 

2021 Stroke Play Championship Division

1st River Smalley, 2nd Eric Trujillo, 3rd Samuel Jones, 4th Russel Nielsen,T-5th Simon Miller,T-5th Shaun Weaver, 7th James Lack, 8th Christian Arrington 

2021 Stroke Play Senior Championship Division

1st Anton Salome, 2nd Gary Mundy, 3rd Rex Enright, 4th Ron Shroder, 5th Brian Kern, T-6th Richard Alarid, T-6th Mark Nash, T-6th Ryan  Sierra, T-6th Dan Duran

2021 Stroke Play Men’s Senior Net Division

1st Flight: 1st Ralph Jones, T-2nd Douglas Eddings, T-2nd Jason Richards, 4th Paul Gonzales

2nd Flight: T-1st Ray Trujilo, T-1st Greg Ward, 3rd Jerry Gonzales, 4th Tom Spears 

3rd Flight: 1st Stephen Ogas, 2nd Keith Gottlieb, T- 3rd Jimmy Enriquez, T-3rd Lorenzo Dominguez, 5th Douglas Perry 

Men’s Net Division

1st Flight: 1st Jr. Sunderman, 2nd Micheal Sonnenberg 

2nd Flight: 1st Mark Tapley, 2nd Donny Begay, 3rd Kevin Fietas, 4th EstilFields 

3rd Flight: 1st Lucas Griego, 2nd Gerald Ortiz Jr., 3rd Carlos Carrasco, 4th Felix Madrid Jr 

Women’s Division

1st Flight

1st Gross: Kaylinda Crawford 

1st Net: Jodi Copley 

2nd Net: Rosemary McKeown $175

2nd Flight

1st Gross: Claudia Gomez $300

1st Net: Genevieve Trujillo $175 2nd Net: Lucy Nieman $150

3rd Flight

1st Gross: Ana Decoste $300

2nd Gross: Shana Chavarria $200 1st Net: Mary Archuleta $165 2nd Net: Candelaria Lewis