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Frequently Asked Questions

No, in fact almost every one of our volunteers started out the same way. They joined us at one of the association activities and shadowed one of our volunteers. You will pick up on the process pretty quick.
As an association, we offer two free rules seminars every year to help grow the knowledge of our volunteers.
All you need to do is call our office at (800) 346-5319 and we will get you in touch with our volunteer coordinators. They will assign you to one of our volunteer mentors at an upcoming event.
Generally speaking, each event’s Chief Rules Official or CRO will make volunteer assignments the week of the event. He or she will contact you through email or by phone as to your assigned responsibilities for the event.
No, there is no charge to be a volunteer.
Yes, volunteers of the SCAGA and USGA events receive a complimentary tournament uniform (hat and shirt) and a copy of the USGA Decisions on the Rules of Golf. At all SCAGA events and at most USGA events, volunteers receive free food and beverage while working. In addition, they are invited to the annual Volunteer Appreciation Day.
Certainly. The association often hosts events in areas of the region where we have very few volunteers. Depending upon the needs of the particular event, the association may ask for volunteers to travel to the host city.
The association generally will pay for the following expenses if approved by the event’s CRO:

  • Mileage – the association pays a volunteer mileage rate to help offset fuel expenses.
  • Lodging – the association will arrange for hotel rooms at the host city. Whenever possible the association will ask volunteers to room together in order to save funds.